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Cape Town Halal Biltong
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Cape Town Halal Biltong also does  corporate gifts

Sliced Biltong available on request at no extra cost.

30g packet is R13.80

50g packet is R22.60

100g packet is R44.60

250g packet is R111.10

Droe Wors is R10.00 a piece

Delivery Fee in Cape Town R50.
Overnight courier Price subject to quote from courier service for rest of South Africa.

Reseller Bulk prices available on request for orders of 2kg or more.

All orders larger then 2kg require 100% upfront deposit.
Should the above packaging not meet your requirement, 

please let us know so that we can supply you with the desired packaging.

We are hoping to receive your most favourable response the soonest

time possible. Please  do not hesitate to contact us at our telephone

number   079 5299389 (WhatsApp)
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We are looking forward to hearing from  you.