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Cape Town Halal Biltong
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Welcome to Cape Town Halal Biltong

If your salt tooth says Biltong
your wisdom tooth says Cape Town Halal Biltong…..

Cape Town Halal Biltong are producers of the finest Home Made Biltong in Cape Town.

No Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Soccer or Boxing in Cape Town, South Africa   is quite complete without a good supply of Cape Town Halal Biltong. It provides sustenance in the absence of other foods or delicacies.

If there is one thing we're sure of, it is the fact that a stick of
Cape Town Halal Biltong will immediately transport you back in time.
A bad piece however, could spoil the entire experience.
For this reason, it is our priority to ensure that when we provide you
with the opportunity of remembering good times, we make sure not to
spoil it!

At Cape Town Halal Biltong we only stock what we consider to
be the best tasting biltong. Our biltong is tried and tested by us and
our customers before going on sale.

Cape Town Halal Biltong has developed a reputation of excellence across
Cape Town not only for taste but also value for money.

Cape Town Halal Biltong is made of top quality topside which has been spiced and cured with our secret Biltong Recipe before undergoing a drying process.

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